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Anti-Racism Workshops


The workshops serve as a vehicle in shaping awareness of systemic racism within the institution and an analysis of the specific barriers to change.


Shaping this awareness within the Archdioceses of Chicago is an important component of the Strategic Plan. It is through the workshops that we hope individuals could begin to understand and accept a common analysis of institutional racism and would be able to recognize its impact upon society. It is then, through this common understanding that we will be able to identify and redress unjust societal systems and structures that continue to support institutional racism.

1-Day Introductory Anti-Racism Workshop

 This workshop is an introductory training. Participants are introduced to an analysis of systemic racism.


Advanced Anti-Racism Analysis Workshop

 The Advanced Anti-Racism Analysis Workshop, is an intensive training to explore an analysis of systemic racism and to learn about the ongoing strategies of the Archdiocese of Chicago for dismantling racism in the Archdiocese, it's schools, member parishes, and organizations.